Alefa Veterinary Services was founded last June 2011. Based on the 30 years experience of our Veterinarians and Technicians, our team can provide the best services characterized by their abilities with full satisfaction from our customers from private and public sectors in the Middle East.

Alefa started its activities with animals from its office in Riyadh through an organization that shares their experiences in providing services to the Arabs and International customers in the veterinary field. We also provide services in Government companies and Institutions to help them overcome the challenges in their area and ensure the sustainability of results and solutions.

Alefa provides the following services:

  • Provision of consultancy services for veterinary activities and projects.
  • Establishment, operation and management of veterinary clinics, laboratories and pharmacies.
  • Import, sale and maintenance of all veterinary equipment, supplies and medical devices.
  • Import and supply of veterinary vaccines, medicines and reagents.
  • Provision of books and scientific materials for veterinary medicine colleges and interested parties in the field of livestock.
  • Training of veterinarians, vet. Assistants and researchers.
  • Preparation and conducting conferences, seminars and workshops for all veterinary disciplines. 

Our Consultants in Alefa as well as the partners have an experience with Veterinary work and even in importing medicines, vaccines, equipments needed for Veterinary practices.