MS Schippers offers a highly ergonomic syringe design that facilitates the application of the microchip.

The syringe has a locking system so the microchip is not applied or dislodged accidentally. It makes a “click” sound when the microchip has been applied reassuring the veterinarian that it has been implanted adequately. The size (2x 12 mm) of the transponder is small enough that it permits subcutaneous implantation and does not harm the animal. Implantation is done by using a sterilized hypodermic needle. The microchip upon insertion is impossible to lose, to be altered or to be removed. It is coated in a product called paralyne so it does not move throughout the body of the animal after application, therefore it remains in the same place during the life of the animal. The microchip’s memory contains a unique number. Two animals can never have the same code. In addition, Schippers produces the microchip FDX-B technology, according to the ISO standard 11784/11785.

MS Microchip Syringes are ICAR-registered.