After nearly 30 years of innovation, MIM Construction continues presenting its products under the brand “MiMSafe”. MiMSafe offers safe transport solutions for everyone in the car, pets as well as people, solutions that are developed with the passion and philosophy.

MiMSafe “Variocage” is a safe and very practical range of crates, that leaves room for other luggage and easily adjustable to fit the depth of your luggage area. Variocage has been developed by people at MIM Construction who value your safety as well as the safety of your passengers. Whether you are using your vehicle within your private life or as a professional, safety needs to be a top priority. MiMSafe offers that safety. MiMSafe products offer a secure and fully protected environment inside the vehicle. And the pleasant part is that there’s no necessity of any drilling or other alterations of your vehicle when installing the products.

The product engineers that are part of the development process of products under the MiMSafe brand sets safety standards that exceed those of standardized crash tests.

MiMSafe are best summarized by its slogan “Safe by Choice”.