Dr. Clauder stands uniquely for seven segments in Pet food and their health & beauty: Dry Nutrition, Moist Nutrition, Function & Care, Functional Snacks, Beauty & Care, Hygiene and Anti Flea Products.

Dr. Clauder’s is a distinctive and popular name in producing premium Prescription Diets for Dogs & Cats. No other company offers this complete range under one brand. The brand Dr. Clauder goes back to the early 1950s and was founded by Dr Heinz Clauder, a doctoral nutritionist in Hamburg. With his company Dr. Clauder Pet Specialties founded in 1957, he was a pioneer in the field of scientifically developed nutritional supplements that offered the right product for every different life situation of the animal.

Dr. Clauder uses modern production techniques to manufacture premium quality pet food, supplements and skin care products. The famous Dr. Clauder’s brand, in 1993, the Best Choice brand was produced as the first ever European developed premium dog food that we still sell to the present day in 55 countries worldwide. Even at that time the motto was “of the highest quality”. A claim that we still to this day, systematically put into practice. Dr. Clauder produces exclusively in Germany, it is certified according to the IFS Standard. Product developments are all made internally with an own Research & Development department and with own nutritional experts.