Al-Masader Al-Dualiyah for Environmental & Quality Systems Co. (AAMAD) is a leading company in the provision of planning, organization, development and supervision and monitoring, control and inspection services in the environmental and health sectors, sustainable energy and rehabilitation services for quality management systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

AAMAD founded in 2002 as a Saudi European partnership, in order to support sustainable development and serve the public and private sectors in the Kingdom. It is a broad-based care about the health and environmental oversight services, and provide environmental rehabilitation services, administrative services and review and develop procedures and the development and implementation of strategic plans and review and develop standards and technical and administrative specifications and building internal development capabilities and performance measurement, control, and quality assurance and provide rehabilitation services for quality management systems (ISO), health, safety, training, and environmental design.

The company provides administrative rehabilitation services (ISO 9000.27001, 22000.20000, 18000.14000, 10000.127001), respectively, and are a standard specification for quality management system complaints and environmental management and occupational safety and service computer management systems and food safety system confidentiality and security of information where you specify all specification special requirements for all aspects of the operation of the organization with respect to that system. The purpose of these standards is to ensure that the organization will continuously provide services (or products) that meet the needs of the consumer and that the regulatory and technical requirements described in the applicable standard, and that there is an effective system to improve and develop their own operations so the system.