5 Capitals is one of the leading companies operating in the field of environmental consulting, administrative, and based in Dubai - United Arab Emirates, it offers solutions at the highest level of the market in the Middle East and North Africa, the company helps organizations to improve their environmental performance, commercial, and provides advice to achieve a positive impact on business and society in general.

The spirit of the company’s teamwork is the balanced thinking who enjoys a wide experience model of capital five of sustainable development and use of international expertise vast, so in addition to our own track record in providing solutions designed to meet the clients needs to meet the challenges of environmental sustainability and business facing the clients, and always above those solutions in a manner taking into account the different cultural aspects. The senior officials of 5 Capitals experience a high level in the areas of systems management and organizational planning, environmental engineering, environmental assessment, and the company to take advantage of that expertise in providing solutions for customers who face new challenges related to issues such as globalization and rapid economic growth and changing combinations of demographic, and development environments organizational, and the consequent effects of social, economic and environmental.

The overall approach followed by the company, along with sound practical solutions, in advancing the process of development of the region, also works at the same time to protect the natural and human resources, strengthen and upgrade them whenever possible.