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There is no doubt that the economic boom in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the past two decades have led to many developments in various economic sectors, and perhaps most important of these variables Machdh each of the sectors of agriculture and livestock to a certain extent much greater than what it was the situation before the phase shift of major economies that the country has witnessed .

One of the main directives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Here, we must define that livestock include cattle, poultry of all kinds, fish and marine resources, as well as different kinds of bees.

That is the wealth that pets are to provide the services necessary for their development and secure care and in support of our food and our national economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our vision

To be the best and the most important institute to provide Veterinary services and consultancy within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Region through the merit execution of its services and to become a strategic partner with profitable and non-profitable organization working in a Veterinary field.

Our mission

Providing services, Veterinary products and Veterinary medical equipments within the Kingdom and the Middle East Region in a professional manner. To contribute to the development of the Veterinary Practitioners and to provide the Veterinary consultancy according to the International standards to provide safe animal resources and agricultur



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